Intensive Therapy at the Special Learning Center

The SLC has 2 physical therapists certified in providing Therasuit® and Intensive Therapy treatment. Once an evaluation and approval of treatment is completed, the therapists will design a plan tailored to fit the specific needs of the child.  A full session generally lasts 2-3 hours a day, three-five days a week, for three-six weeks.  This program incorporates a variety of therapy approaches, equipment and techniques that are specifically tailored to each individual to help maximize their potential. Some of the therapy approaches include:


Universal Exercise Unit

Neuromuscular Electrostimulation (NMES)

Therapeutic Taping

Sensory Integration

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Lite Gait / Treadmill Training

Neuro-Developmental Treatment (NDT)

After completion of an IT session, the therapists will provide follow-up consultation, continued treatment plans for home and/or other school environments and recommendations for further sessions.  Through a grant from the Missouri Foundation for Health, we have specialized equipment lending program for families that will aid in a child’s improved functional mobility and success at home, school or in the community. Items such as adaptive trikes or gait trainers are part of the grant lending program.

For more information about SLC’s Intensive Therapy program, please contact Lisa Borgmeyer at 573-634-3070.