Welcome to the Capable Kids and Families Program!

This program is a free program designed for families with children who have been diagnosed with a developmental disability or delay.

Who Is Eligible?

  • Children birth – age 6.
  • Children on an IFSP or IEP
  • Children with a professional diagnosis of a disability and/or developmental delay
  • Children living in one of the following counties: Cole, Moniteau, Morgan, Miller, Callaway, Osage

What can the Capable Kids Program do for my family?

  • We offer monthly home visits from a certified early childhood special education teacher.
  • We provide developmental therapy equipment through a loan program.
  • We offer networking and family activities and playgroups for the entire family.
  • We provide resource assistance for various parenting/daily living issues for all members of the family.
  • We help in finding specialized medical/healthcare professionals for your child/family.
  • We help to locate financial community and state resources.

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For more information or to refer a family, please contact Pam Mayfield at 573-634-3070.