Involving Parents Improves Outcomes

Parent education and involvement is a major goal of Special Learning Center program.  We believe the more knowledge parents have about their child's disability, the better equipped they are to care for their child and to advocate for the child's needs.

For this reason, our staff encourages parents to take an active role in the treatment of their child and to take advantage of educational and social opportunities offered through our agency including:

  • Classroom activities
  • Therapy sessions
  • Parent activity and support groups
  • Educational programs and workshops
  • Informational parent meetings
  • Sign language classes
  • Regular contact with child's teacher and therapists

As parents learn hands-on activities and educate themselves about their child, the continuity of care for the child is enhanced and outcomes are more effective.


Family Activities

These family events, sponsored by the Special Learning Center, provide an opportunity for parents to meet and share information, concerns and friendships.

  • Family ice skating party
  • Christmas party/Program
  • Music nights
  • Family hayrides
  • End of year graduation party
  • Spring Concert

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