Cover of 4  Color Box Liquid Fun, JCCE-24

4 Color Box Liquid Fun, JCCE-24

Category: Visual
Hits: 570
Simply turn over to start the motion again.  Contains nontoxic solvents and oils and is non-fla
Cover of Boing Pro Ball, JCCE-27

Boing Pro Ball, JCCE-27

Category: Visual
Hits: 626
Rubbery bouncy light-filled ball, every time it's squeezed it changes color. This ball demonstrates
Cover of Braille Number chips, JCFM-312

Braille Number chips, JCFM-312

Category: Visual
Hits: 243
You're little one will love to learn braille with the PlanToys Braille Numbers 1-10. Each tile has t
Cover of Braille with sign language blocks, JCV-201

Braille with sign language blocks, JCV-201

Category: Visual
Hits: 438
2 years & up. This set of 32 handmade wooden blocks includes 5 complete alphabets (2 in Braille
Cover of Childcraft Mini Light Table, JCCE-17

Childcraft Mini Light Table, JCCE-17

Category: Visual
Hits: 419
Freestanding table fits where space is limited. Makes it easy to explore colors, light and shadow, o
Cover of Color Paddles, JCCE-31

Color Paddles, JCCE-31

Category: Visual
Hits: 486
These authentic color paddles invite students to experiment with color combinations. Combine more th
Cover of Light and Sound Stick, JCV-202

Light and Sound Stick, JCV-202

Category: Visual
Hits: 466
Set of 3 transparent tubes (Aquatic Animals, Dinosaurs and Zoo Animals) with motion activated lights
Cover of Light Table Discovery Set, JCCE-37

Light Table Discovery Set, JCCE-37

Category: Visual
Hits: 427
Let children discover color, images, reflections and illusions as they explore on their own or with
Cover of Light Tubes, JCCE-33

Light Tubes, JCCE-33

Category: Visual
Hits: 448
Our LED foam stick batons are the ultimate spirit item! Each light up baton is 16 inches long and is
Cover of Prism Blocks, JCCE-34

Prism Blocks, JCCE-34

Category: Visual
Hits: 622
Big and chunky rainbow colored building bricks ideal for building luminous creations on light tables
Cover of Rainbow Numbers, JCCE-23

Rainbow Numbers, JCCE-23

Category: Visual
Hits: 489
Set of numbers in a child friendly font made in colorful clear acrylic. Ideal for use on a light pan
Cover of Rainbow Shakers, JCCE-16

Rainbow Shakers, JCCE-16

Category: Visual
Hits: 469
A colorful set of 16 building blocks with natural hardwood surrounds a variety of different centers
Cover of Rainbow Shapes, JCCE-21

Rainbow Shapes, JCCE-21

Category: Visual
Hits: 435
Easy to handle the shapes are good for color mixing, for using as templates, and to support mathemat
Cover of Rainbow Splats, JCCE-15

Rainbow Splats, JCCE-15

Category: Visual
Hits: 469
This set of 10 splats are very colorful: red, blue, yellow, green, purple, orange, black, opaque whi
Cover of Spin & Learn Flashlight, JCV-200

Spin & Learn Flashlight, JCV-200

Category: Visual
Hits: 429
Light up and learn with the Spin & Learn Color Flashlight from VTech. The toy flashlight excites